O Light Baldr RL Mini, Perfect Micro Light for Subcompact Pistols

Advances in tactical weapon-mounted lights (WML) have been on the rise. Today’s shooter can choose from a multitude of options with brighter Lumens or the integration of lasers, but sometimes, you simply need a light that will fit without the excessive bulk.

O Light’s Baldr RL Mini is the answer to this question. Throwing 600 Lumens for 130 yards with a visible red laser option; this light measures 2.75” in length and retails for around $100.



My first impression of the Baldr ML Mini was that it was tiny. Yet that was exactly what I was looking for. Even better is the mounting bracket, which allows the shooter to move the light module forward and backward. If you have a particular pistol with say a single rail slot, you can mount the bracket and move the light to the correct position that works best for you.

While writing a few articles about sub-compact pistols equipped with accessory rails, I had difficulty fitting a WML. In one case the single rail slot was positioned in such a way that I had to get ultra-creative to mount a light. It turned out fine with some creative building, but I thought there has to be a better way.

In front of the switch is a charging port. The charging adapter clamps to it magnetically. Plug it into a USB port and you can charge this one up without having to buy and replace batteries every other month or so. This helps keep the size of the light on the smaller side.